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What We do

Our Video on Demand aggregation service offers an effective and time-saving solution to streamline the operational pipeline towards VOD distribution, enabling rights holders as well as video on demand operators to extend their content reach and enrich their VoD offerings.

License Negotiations

We guarantee that our customers will have access to the most comprehensive video on demand catalogue, under the most favorable contractual terms.

Media Aggregation

A reduction in the overall video on demand operation cost is achieved by sourcing media files from a variety of sources while ensuring top technical quality media files.

Processing and workflow

Having developed the first video-on-demand platform in the Middle East (, we possess a decade’s worth of video-on-demand processing and workflow experience.

Let us help you improve your content and service monetization

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Secure New Distribution

With a huge media and content consumption habit, Lime Media is the right partner for you to expand your video on demand business into the Middle Eastern television market.

Access to Major TV providers

We are positioned to add great value to your content and VOD services by providing our ability to work with all major content creators, content distributors, as well as TV providers and telecom operators in the Middle East and Africa.

Source Arabic Content

We assist you in sourcing Arabic content from all genres and categories, no matter if you plan to offer your Video on Demand service in the Middle East or launch a new VOD service.