Electronic Program Guide

  • Rich EPG
  • Better Content Discovery
  • Higher Content Consumption

More than essential

Metadata and EPG are the core of a Content Service’s offering and Discovery.

Lime Media provides Electronic Program Guides (EPG) aggregation, distribution, consulting services, and custom EPG distribution backends.

Core EPG Services

EPG Aggregation

Integrating Rich EPG and metadata from multiple EPG providers and content producers.

EPG Consulting

Helping broadcasters create EPG streams for single or multiple TV channels.

Multi-Language EPG

An EPG localization service that makes international EPGs available in Arabic and other languages.

EPG Distribution

In addition to regional distribution, we offer global distribution of our broadcasters’ EPG.

Linear TV EPG Distribution

Our EPG services enable FTA television channels to ensure their content is well discovered across all platforms, from satellite to IPTV to OTT.

Media Tagging

Personalized advertising insertion servers, content discovery engines, and recommendation engines all fully rely on proper tagging of media and content having proper meta data inserted allowing for higher CPM advertising rate cards, Pay Per View sales of content, and much more.

Best Industry Practices

By following best practices, we ensure that your EPG and metadata operation conforms to industry standards.

Back Office

Whatever the size of the operation, we can create the most effective workflow for Media tagging and metadata.