Media Management

Technological changes continue to reshape the media and entertainment industry: Distribution platforms Technology is rapidly evolving, new business models are emerging, consumer viewing habits are changing and new competition is arising from multiple sectors. Lime Media’s consulting experience helps media and entertainment clients to become a player in the digital age by breaking new ground to simplify their complex operations, and help them better understand consumers, provide content effectively and capitalize on new opportunities.

More than 17 years of experience in management of broadcast facility and huge know-how in running media operations of the leading media groups now put to serve our clients ..READ MORE

LIME MEDIA’s vast experience in the field of selecting the right medium and the right platform ensures our clients services are reaching the targeted audience in the intended geography, demography with the maximum return on investment... READ MORE

Provide end to end online content distribution and licensing to various over the top "OTT", YOUTUBE, video portals, and multi-device streaming...READ MORE