Digital Services

  • The Majority of traditional Broadcasters and media companies have not fully recognized the digital shift in their audience content consumption habits and yet to invest in the technology and in the new skills required to evolve their businesses to truly compete in the digital landscape.

LIME MEDIA Integrated digital services




  • Our Multiscreen Video Platform Services is a combination of our content distribution experience and Media and Entertainment consultancy services. We enable broadcasters, cable operators and telecom operators to reach more subscribers, more devices and expand their content offering geographical footprint. Larger audiences are reached via cost-effective audio and video streaming solutions with cross-screen services and social connections, essential to service providers to create a more personal, seamless and social experience across every internet-connected device. ...READ MORE

  • Lime Media is uniquely positioned to help clients capitalize on the explosive demand for multi-device, direct-to-consumer digital content. We offer a flexible solution to define, manage, and execute online video commercial distribution, policies, customer satisfaction and revenue controls. Our experience working with the world’s largest telecom operator and entertainment providers makes it easy for our clients to launch strategically targeted offerings, explore new and profitable business models, and measure consumer engagement for smart content optimization.

  • Rights Management refers to the regulation of content distribution whether by copy, viewing, printing or alteration of the original media. 
  • Lime Media offers a thorough consulting service to clients that manage proper Rights Management activities and controls to effectively negate or prevent any unnecessary revenue loss due to unlawful or unwanted distribution or re-distribution of content or media.