Our Video Streaming Services provided to the following applications :

  • Entertainment Television channels Streaming
  • News Channels Live and Catch up Streaming
  • Live Fashion events
  • Conferences
  • Products Launch events
  • Education sector - Live classroom webcast
  • Webinars

      Let us jump start your digital video publishing platform

  • Ways to integrate video into your existing systems and workflows.
  • Developing an effective multi-device video publishing strategy.
  • Content Acquisition for digital video platforms.
  • Transition from legacy broadcasting environment to online video publishing. 
  • Multi-format content delivery ecosystem.
  • How to create social and interactive mobile video experiences.
  • The limitations and opportunities of video advertising in the mobile world.
  • Tips and tricks for simplifying the content publishing workflow
  • Vendor and technology selection.

Our Streaming Services deliver key benefits :

  • Boost loyalty and revenue by offering compelling experiences on more devices and in more locations
  • Capture new subscribers with services that reach beyond the physical network
  • Monetize content through multiple business models, including content syndication, advertising and flexible licensing

  • Limit start-up cost by leveraging a cloud-based solutions
  • Lower complexity and cost and raise QoE by combining on-net CDN and http adaptive streaming with flexible QoS and network engineering
  • Eliminate large set-top box deployments by delivering content across many connected devices

  • Personal: Offer a more meaningful and relevant content delivery, recommendation and purchasing experience
  • Seamless: Extend a superior consumption experience for TV and video services across every device
  • Social: Connect the content experience to social communities and conversations

  • Improve quality of service, cost optimization and bandwidth using an on-net CDN
  • Provide high video quality and fast access no matter how users choose to get their content
  • Improve network capacity use with on-net content delivery network (CDN) technologies